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If you are a passenger or a seaman who is injured due to the negligence of the cruise line, its employees or agents, during the cruise, a ship excursion or other incident, you have a right to file a claim for damages under the general maritime law for ship employees, the Jones Act. This includes a claim for medical malpractice arising out of the medical care received on board the ship by the ship's doctors and any intentional acts of sexual battery by cruise line employees. Cruise line employees are also entitled to make a claim for maintenance and cure benefits.

About Admiralty and Maritime Law:

Determined under the federal law, the Admiralty and Maritime law is applicable to cases in which the plaintiff has suffered an injury in navigable waters. The navigable waters include all the waterways that are not landlocked and lead to the ocean. Hence, this law will not be applicable if an injury occurs in landlocked lakes. It’s also to be understood that legal rights and requirements for passengers differ significantly from the legal rights and requirements for the crew members.

The law provides various entitlements to the seamen who died or are injured. They can file for damages under the federal law from the cruise owner. After the Jones Act, seamen can file to claim damages for “maintenance and cure.

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