Bike & Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic. This is particularly true because of the minimal protection that comes with most bikes and motorcycles. Motorcycles are also much smaller than cars and are more likely to suffer the harmful effects of a collision. As a result of this likelihood, cyclists are at a higher risk of accidents when riding on a busy road.

If you have ever been in any motorcycle accident, then you are fully aware of the pain and stress that the aftermath often brings. From the cost of treatments, the recovery time, the physical pain and anxiety of having to tend to your injuries continuously, it can be a traumatizing time.

This is also true for bicycle accidents. In fact, the total number of bicycle accidents remains staggering with 45,000 accidents recorded in 2015. The aftermath of such accidents is often painful and financially burdensome. This makes it all the more reason for you to ensure that you get compensation when the cause of the accident is from negligence or the reckless actions and driving habits of another driver.

What We Do:

At Sandler Law, we provide cyclists and victims of motorcycle accidents a place where they can get legal representation if they are ever in an accident. To ensure that you are entitled to compensation and that the culprit is responsible for the accident, we start by conducting due diligence to help you build a case that proves your position.

Having worked with countless clients over the years to offer them the legal counsel they need, our number one focus is to help ease the financial burden that often comes with treatment while providing victims with the relief they need. As professionals, we are well-versed with the state laws regarding personal injuries and accidents, and we use this to our advantage to ensure that you get justice.

What Do We Need to Prove?

With motorcycle and bicycle accidents, there could be a myriad of causes. Whether it involves a minor injury that requires minimal medical attention, a major medical procedure that may even be potentially life-threatening, or even death, we often set out to prove the liability of the motorists involved. On your behalf, our legal team will work relentlessly to determine if any of the following factors played a part in the accident:

  • Road use under the influence
  • Road rage
  • Cars and road users failing to use the proper signs and indicators
  • Violations of road use
  • Speed violations and disregard of road signs
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