Have You Been Injured Riding a Bird Scooter in Miami? Electric Scooter Accident Attorney, Scott Sandler, Discusses This New Trend Impacting South Florida Residents.

E-scooters and other personal mobility devices have risen rapidly in popularity in major cities due to their ease of use, availability, and convenience. While legally they require no formal training to ride and can reach a speed of 15 miles an hour, making them the ideal way to get to work in traffic-clogged areas. However, as they have to share sidewalk space with pedestrians, they are also an accident waiting to happen. The number of accidents involving personal mobility devices tripled in Singapore in 2017, with 128 accidents reported for 2017. As the number of accidents increases, so too will the number of legal claims. Large cities in the US are starting to take notice, and Miami based lawyers are getting more and more calls daily about e-scooter incidents and claims. If you’ve been involved in any sort of e-scooter incident and wish to find out what your legal options are from a veteran attorney, don’t hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Scott M. Sandler, in Miami, FL.

E-scooter accidents may involve faults in the scooter itself, from malfunctioning brakes and tires, or may be the result of road hazards. The leading maker of e-scooters, Bird, has a waiver in place stating that riders agree to use their product at their own risk, and have limited their own liability to $100. But as the number of claims against Bird rises, the chances are that a waiver may not be enough to protect the firm from negligence, gross negligence and/or product liability claims due to faults in their product.

Other accidents involving e-scooters are treated similarly to bicycle accidents, and face some of the same obstacles. In the case of pedestrians being hit by e-scooters on the sidewalk, many riders will simply ride off, making it difficult to file a claim and win damages, because there’s no record of an accident and no insurance information available. As e-scooters garner the same bad reputation as bicycles, many users may find themselves struggling to make claims. The strongest case is usually one where an e-scooter rider is hit by a car and many personal injury lawyers are willing to take such cases on, especially where insurance information and a record of the incident are present.

If you have any further questions contact the Law Offices of Scott M. Sandler, in Miami, FL.

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