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Did you know that hospital negligence is the major cause of death in most medical facilities and institutions? It’s even more alarming that only two percent of the population who are victims of incorrect diagnosis, wrong dosages, and surgical errors seek any recourse to help them overcome whatever damage might have been caused. All of these are common types of hospital negligence that can be fatal for patients. If you suspect that you might have been a victim of any error that occurred as a result of negligence on your healthcare provider’s part, then you are entitled to some compensation. While this in no way downplays the health conditions, pain, and suffering you might be experiencing as a result of the negligence, it will help offer you the much-needed closure while enabling you to cover costs for future treatments.

We Can Help You

At Sandler Law, we are a team of driven legal professionals dedicated to bringing victims of hospital negligence the legal help they need to navigate the terrain and obtain the compensation they deserve. With over 34 years of practice, we have worked with several clients and successfully helped them get settlements for their complaints. With each case we handle, our number one focus is to bring justice to our clients, and we work relentlessly within every resource available to ensure that we achieve this goal.

Whether you went to the hospital for a small routine treatment or a major medical procedure, your health should always be a top priority. If you were affected during your treatment as a result of negligence on the part of the hospital’s employees, then our legal practitioners will work with you to evaluate your options and help you pursue befitting justice. Often, these situations can be confusing, and we will help you clarify your predicament and provide you with everything you need to know going into the case.

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When Are You Entitled To Compensation?

Typically, any negligence on your healthcare provider’s part entitles you to compensation. However, it is essential to understand that such health care providers must be employees of the hospital for the hospital to be held accountable.

While this may seem a little complicated, it is important to note that direct hospital negligence encompasses the hospitals negligence in employee supervision, equipment maintenance and repair. This is because every hospital has a responsibility to oversee these areas and ensure the proper code of conducts are followed.

As a patient, you are entitled to seek redress for harms done to you in a wide range of situations including:

  • Wrongful diagnosis
  • Surgical error
  • Unsafe facilities
  • Wrongful discharge
  • Injury during treatment
  • Mistake during childbirth
  • Negligent/inadequate care
  • Unqualified staff
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Prescription errors
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